How to Spot a Fake Left Coast

How to Spot a Fake Left Coast

How to Spot a Fake Left Coast Pod or Cartridge:

It is important to ensure that you are purchasing the correct items, both for recreation and for safety, when shopping for dispensary goods. In a world where fake sellers and advertisements are ubiquitous, not taking precautionary steps when buying could lead to falling for scams or buying lower end product than intended. You do not want to end up spending money on something that is both lower quality and more expensive. 

Left Coast wants to bring you high quality items, but fake products make it difficult to determine what is the right purchase. Luckily, there are several key ways to determine if you are purchasing a real Left Coast product. 

The first is to check the location where you plan to purchase your Left Coast item. These products are only available at licensed dispensaries; this should be a good checkpoint of whether true Left Coast items will be available. If you cannot determine if the dispensary is licensed, it might be best to check another place. Further, buying from a reputable dispensary guarantees a reliable and satisfying experience, with a focus on both product excellence and customer satisfaction. Any instance of finding Left Coast products outside of these licensed dispensaries cannot be considered an official representation of the brand.

After confirming that the dispensary you plan to go to is licensed, checking the packaging is another step you can take to make sure your product is legitimate. There will be a QR, or quick response, code on each pod or cartridge on the side of the box that will lead you to the Left Coast website; navigating here is another way to ensure your purchase is reputable. Use your smartphone to conveniently scan and check your product. 

One of the last couple things you can look for on a Left Coast pod and cartridge. Look at the logo printed on the top part of the mouthpiece on the cartridge, a real Left Coast cartridge has a yellow logo printed on the cartridge. On the pod it will also have a white Left Coast logo printed on the front of a real pod. This deliberate placement not only serves as a visual mark of authenticity but also aligns with the commitment to delivering a premium and branded experience. The logo on the mouthpiece and pod goes to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the product and also acts as a symbol of the quality and attention to detail that goes into crafting each cartridge. 

All in all, ensure that you are purchasing your legitimate Left Coast product from a licensed and reputable dispensary. If you have questions throughout the process, feel free to contact us on our website and we will be able to guide you through a secure purchase.

Left Coast exclusively utilizes high-quality flower in crafting our patented pods and batteries.

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