Kobe Mintz

Kobe Mintz is a high THC strain with a unique minty taste. Kobe Mintz provides effects that are uplifting and happy. This strain has a complex flavor profile that tastes like mint and cookies. Medical marijuana patients choose this strain to help stimulate appetite and relaxation.

Biscotti x Gelato 33

One of the more popular strains recently, Biscotti x Gelato 33 is derived from a selected cross of Gelato #33 x Biscotti Sundae to produce a staggeringly powerful hybrid with some very desirable traits. Flavours and aromas are sweet, creamy and smooth with a fruity aftertaste lingering on the palate.

Lavendar Haze

Being an indica dominant strain, Lavender Haze has a 60:40 indica/sativa ratio. The strain is recommended for use in the afternoon and has an exquisite aroma and taste to go along with it. It has a floral scent that will remind you of lavender blooms. As for the taste, it is quite similar to Afghani Kush and should keep you coming back for seconds. A lot of patients feel energized after smoking the strain and will feel creative and more talkative than usual. The high is able to uplift your mood after a hit or two.

Summer Haze

A cross between Lime Mojito, Chemdawg and Chem Haze! Just like in the name, this is best suited for an activity filled sunny day! Nonetheless, we still encourage you to smoke it on cloudy winter days!

Green Crack

Green Crack, aka Green Cush, is the counterpoint to the old stereotype “weed just makes you lazy and sleepy.” It’s hard to name a sativa strain more energizing or invigorating than Green Crack. While no one is sure when exactly Green Crack was invented or which strains it is descended from, legend has it that Snoop Dogg was the one to name the strain originally known as Cush “Green Crack” for its extreme effects.

Green Crack has a tart, citrusy taste and smell. The smoke is slightly sweet and tropical. Users feel immediate energy start to build up after the first hit. The effects of Green Crack are so powerful that often only low doses are needed, which is perfect for micro-dosers or low-tolerance users.

Purple Cream

Purple Cream has been a favorite of anxiety sufferers for over a decade. Great for nighttime use, this indica is mellow and calming. Purple Cream produces a moderate body-heavy sensation, relaxing your muscles and easing stress. The effects of this strain are quite sedative and can last around two hours. Like other purples, Purple Cream’s aroma is sweet, floral, and earthy.

Grease Monkey

These extracts are made using a hydrocarbon extraction process. Store at room temp and in the fridge long term. Dab between 550 – 580°F.

The most typical effects reported by customers is a relaxed and happy high. The perfect combination of GG4 x Cookies & Cream. A strong and couch-locking high with the rich taste of cookies, glue and spice.