Switch the flavors. Left Coast's Dual Chamber vape pen features two tanks of high-quality, strain-specific oil in one pen, allowing you to effortlessly switch hits with a simple click, aligning your terpene experience with your mood.

Pink Runtz / Biscotti

Pink Runtz Flavors

Biscotti Flavors

Sour Diesel / Maui Waui

Sour Diesel Flavors

Maui Waui Flavors

Grandaddy Purp / King Louis

Grandaddy Purp Flavors

King Louis Flavors

Blue Dream / Monster Cookies

Blue Dream Flavors

Monster Cookies Flavors

Orangeade / Garlic Juice

Orangeade Flavors

Garlic Juice Flavors

Pineapple Express / Cherry Pie

Pineapple Express Flavors

Cherry Pie Flavors