Cannabis Extracts

Cannabis Extracts

As the cannabis industry grows and develops, new ways to enjoy cannabis products are emerging. One of these novel ways is the consumption of cannabis extract. Extracts can allow a user to vary the taste and smell of the cannabis plant, allowing for a more tailored experience. There are also cannabis concentrates; cannabis extracts are a specific type of cannabis concentrate, though not all concentrates are extracts.

Cannabis extracts are more potent and concentrated than other typical forms of consumption. One important aspect of the extract is the varied ratio of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). While some extracts can be up to 99% THC, some are majority CBD. Taking extracts with higher levels of THC content can lead to intoxication more quickly and in a more intense way than smoking or vaping. Not only this, but higher concentrations of THC can lead to
greater tolerances and even dependencies. It is important to read labeling and ensure you know exactly what you are consuming with extracts.

Extracts can take many forms, from solid to waxy to liquid. Common forms are wax, oil, sugar, badder, shatter, or sauce. There are different methods of extracting these substances, in turn varying the quality and chemical composition of the product. Hydrocarbons or alcohol solvents are used to separate the cannabinoids from plant matter in the first extraction, after which the substance undergoes a refinement process. Extracts can be made at home, though proper storage
is an important aspect of ensuring longevity of your product.

Overall, cannabis extracts offer consumers a more potent and efficient means of experiencing the therapeutic and psychoactive effects of the plant, with precise dosing options and diverse consumption methods. If you are looking to consume a more refined product with less additives, extracts might also be a good option to consider. With any cannabis product, check your labels and ensure you are buying from a trusted and reputable dispensary.

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